Sitting on Your Face for Fun

Sitting on Your Face
Sitting on Your Face
Image Credit: MissyHotXX/ImaFemdom

A dominant woman loves to show her superiority in various ways. Sitting on your face is one fun way to do so while making a submissive guy like you get so turned on that you’ll be to weak to disobey.

You love our curvy butts and would do anything to get your face in there anyway so you might as well consider yourself lucky getting the face sitting treatment we administer.

But besides the teasing and boner causing aspects of sitting on your face there is another fun aspect; being used for a dominant woman’s amusement.

When we sit on your face it shows you where your place is, flexes our dominance over you and is also funny as hell being able to feel you squirming beneath our booties.

Sitting on Your Face Shows Your Place

As a weakling of a man you’ll always be beneath a superior woman. That’s your place in life; under our asses. It’s a honor and a privilege to feel that red hot softness press against your face and to see our sexy panties! That’s why you’ll do anything we tell you to and will accept your place as our lowly ass slaves.

Are you ready for one of us to sit on your face? Interested in the pretty butt in the photograph featured in this article? Check out the facesitting princess.

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