Penis Size Matters and It Always Has

Penis size matters

Fact: Penis size matters, it always has and always will.

If you have a tiny penis then you need to realize small penis humiliation humiliation, cuckolding and sissy training are the only avenues for you.

Sure, some people say size doesn’t matter but that’s simply untrue. Penis size matters far more than you can even imagine. I’m here to tell you the truth. The size of your dick, including length, girth and the size of the head, matter to women tremendously.

If you don’t have a big dick then you’ll never satisfy a woman in any other way but orally and that only goes so far. In other words if being humiliated for have a tiny penis doesn’t turn you on then hopefully watching her enjoy other men does.

Small Penis Humiliation, Cuckolds and Sissies: Your Options

When your penis is miniature sized you do have a few options, two of them being; small penis humiliation and becoming a cuckold.

Small penis humiliation is when a man endures the laughter, torment, teasing and name calling of a dominant woman. Many of them also serve as body worship, financial or shopping slaves because they can’t please anyone sexually.

A cuckold however is a guy with a tiny dick that accepts the fact that he can’t please a woman so he sits back and lets them sleep with whoever they want. Not all cuckolds have small penises but many do.

Sissies are guys that often have tiny wieners that realize their inferiority and with the help of a femdom, slowly become a feminized man or in other words; a sissy. They will wear panties, use dildos on themselves and some even go as far as becoming gay sissies!

Small Penis Humiliation is Your Future

So if you’re a guy with a small penis you should just prepare yourself for what’s in your future — cuckolding and/or small penis humiliation, unless of course you settle for extremely ugly women or go gay!

Why wait? Get started today and take the humiliation you deserve. Get your small penis humiliated and owned by a mistress or dominant princess online. You’re never gonna get treated like a real man with that little thing in your pants. Penis size matters and it always will.

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  1. I have a really tiny penis, luck to be an 3/4″ thick and 2″ L when limp. I’m 40 and I used to get 5 inches hard but lately I’m lucky to hit 4 inches.

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