The Size of Your Dick Matters, Do Not Believe the Lies

The size of your dick matters

The size of your dick matters. Do not listen to what mainstream websites put out there. Everyone from bridal to news sites has tried to dismiss it but you have to question why they would lie about this.

Clearly it is because they are either packing a small dick or are stuck in a relationship with one. Facts.

Letting Men Know That Dick Size Matters is Called Honesty

Sure some people may not want to accept the truth. But who cares about that? Letting men know that size matters is called being honest. We should all know that honesty is the best policy and that applies even if it hurts their feelings.

Don’t Believe Lies About Size

For a woman to be sexually satisfied she requires a large penis. If you have dated a woman that needed endless clitoral stimulation to orgasm, newsflash, it was because your dick was too small.

It is a lie that we must have our clits played with to cum. That’s another bullshit story told by fake women’s magazines and news outlets.  They wish that was the truth, so they try to make all of you guys believe it.

If you have a big cock then you’ll have no problem making us orgasm. Just please don’t have a premature ejaculation problem.

Accept the Truth and Your Dick’s Place

What you should all get from this is that you need to accept the truth. When you have a tiny dick you can’t expect to please a woman sexually. So just give up on that and focus on accepting your place.

You will never be able to compete with hung guys. Instead focus on being laughed at and ridiculed about it. At least you will get female attention that way. Read about some more options that are possible for guys like you via penis size matters.

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