Small Dick Humiliation Chat

Small dick humiliation chat
Small dick humiliation chat
Image Credit: GoddessMonnica/ImaFemdom

It’s no secret that you aren’t well hung. Now small dick humiliation chat exists for all you micro-penis having pussies.

You’ve always known you didn’t a real man’s dick though you probably tried to convince yourself that you were average.

In reality though you aren’t average at all. You have a tiny little small dick that deserves to be laughed at, ridiculed and humiliated to no end. It’s small and worthless – that’s never going to change.

Small Dick Humiliation That You Deserve

Your little penis deserves to be used as a form of entertainment, something to be pointed at and jiggled while being called names like shrimp dick, clit dick and of course little noodle dick. Don’t they all sound suitable?

Now quit sitting there trying to sneak a jerk when you don’t deserve the pleasure instead come get the small dick humiliation you actually do deserve.

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4 thoughts on “Small Dick Humiliation Chat

  1. I think you are smart to have a blow up doll. I have one too and it increases feelings of humiliation so much. Especially if you use it front of a domme like you. I was forced to have sex with my doll several times on camera in front of women.

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