Smallest Penis in Ohio Contest 2019

Smallest Penis in Ohio Contest

The Buckeye State brought out the biggest losers to compete for the Smallest Penis in Ohio Contest for 2019.

It might be a bit cold in Ohio this time of year but that did not keep people from coming out to the Smallest Penis in Ohio contest. Hundreds of men attended (if you can call them that) and let it all poke out for the crowd.

Goddess Jennifer, Lexi and several other judges were there to take the official measurements. It was quite the sight to see people laughing and screaming out loud as the judges finally walked off stage to compare their measurements.

Clearly the crowd was eager to find out who would be deemed the smallest wiener because at this contest size matters but in a while different way then we all prefer sexually.

The Results Are In

Smallest Penis in Ohio Contest

After comparing their notes and measurements, Goddess Jennifer returned to the stage to make the official announcement. The crowd was waiting for the results as all of the men continued to shrivel, standing there still nude from the waist down before onlookers.

Although the only prize to be won is the title of having the tiniest penis in the state, the guys were more than ready to hear to results and probably put their pants back on.

In a not so surprise victory, the local man known as “Micro Mikey” won again for the second year in a row! Coming in at a shocking 4inches in size, he stands victorious and will kick of the New Year with his crown of achievement intact.

“This was not something I ever intended to win the first time around, so winning yet again is kind of a bummer,” Mikey said when asked about his thoughts on winning for a second time.

“Without a doubt I have to admit that I have the smallest penis in the state… I guess my ex-girlfriends were right after all.”

Those are the finally results peeps! We will be reporting again live next year when we will all get to find out if there will be a new champion or will Micro Mikey win for a third year in a row. See you next year!

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