Smothering You with My Thongs

Smothering you with my thongs
Smothering you with my thongs
Credit: CATIAxx/ImaFemdom

Picture my juicy butt lowering down and smothering you with my thongs on. Talk about irresistible.

Being born with a perfect backside doesn’t hurt either. My body has always been naturally curvacious and put all the big bumps right in the proper spots.

For you face sitting and smothering fiends that means I have the perfect shape when it comes to completely covering your nose, mouth and face when I smother you.

Whether I’m wearing full butt panties or my tiniest of thongs I always make sure to have enough fabric to cover every square inch so it makes you constantly crave even the tiniest of peeks at my sweetness.

We both know you’ll do anything to get that peek and I plan to make you earn it more than you ever have before. Plus having my red hot thongs pressed against your face is such a privilege in itself — certainly nothing to complain about by any means!

Get Beneath Me, It’s Smothering Time

There is only place a man like you deserves to be and that is down beneath me. You’ll always be beneath me so you might as well get used to your new place in life. That sweet, warm place tucked in between my thighs and curvy butt, your face pushing deep into the thin fabric that separates the two of us.

It’s such a beautiful place to be that I’m positive you’ll grow to be very happy and most likely hooked on being down there, adoring and savoring my essence while I’m smothering you with my thongs. So do the right thing and start working towards gaining that place as soon as possible. You need it.

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