Sniffing Panties is My Addiction

sniffing panties
sniffing panties
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How many nights have you spent in hopes of sniffing panties? Quite a few, huh? Don’t worry I’m not surprised because there are many guys and even some ladies out there that share that same naughty addiction.

Not addiction in a negative sense however but in a, can’t get enough it, kind of way.

It’s actually funny, well at least it was for me, the first time I found out how many people love sniffing panties. I couldn’t believe it at first but then I was like, oh yeah that makes perfect sense! Take for example this email I received from a naughty panty sniffer, describing his attraction to it, which I think sums it up perfectly;

I simply can’t stop inhaling the sweet scent of my girlfriend’s panties when I find them on the floor or in the hamper because it’s such a turn on to think of how close they were to her body and sweet spots.

I think that is exactly it right there! Of course you have the cross dressers and sissies but in most cases you’ll find that type of mindset. A guy wanting to get as close to that thin piece of fabric that keeps him away from your naughty bits.

Sniffing Panties: Naughty But Fun

If you know a little panty sniffer or have a submissive male in your life that can’t keep his paws out of your panties, don’t beat him up over it. Instead use it to your advantage, after all it just means he is obsessed with your sexiness.

Make him more submissive with it, get him to do things for you and all the while keep teasing him with those panties. You’ll have him wrapped around your little thong in no time.

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