Stare at My Panties Like a Good Subbie

Stare at my panties. You'll love the view.

No one can deny how sexy it is to stare at my panties but you subbie guys need much more than a quick peek. You’re addicted to my tight panties, especially when I can be such a tease with them at times (take my pic above for example).

Those miniature thongs just slide up over my butt and tight peach so good — you can almost feel the heat coming off of them.

Well you subbies, loser-boys and just plain pussy worshiping slaves are all in for a treat. I might just let you stare at my panties and serve a princess such as myself. I know it is quite the privilege and honor for you but I might just allow it.

Be a Good Subbie Bitch & Stare at Panties

For those of you privileged slaves, what I’ll do is get on webcam along with my microphone etc…, and from there we can get into any number of things depending on your kinky cravings.

I’ll give you a few ideas to beat off to real quick:

  • Ass & Pussy Worship
  • Panty Sniffing Teasers
  • Tease & Denial
  • Jerk Off Instructions
  • Brainwashing
  • Wallet Rinsing

Those are a few of my faves but feel free to let me know why you want to stare at my panties before we get started. Now do the right thing, that your brain wants to do more than anything and come beg to stare at my panties right now.

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