Tease and Denial Fetish with Extra Teasing

Tease and denial fetish defined.

When it comes to having fun with a fetish look no further than Tease and Denial. Flirting with or teasing guys is something women have had at our disposal for a long time. This takes it quite a bit further than that though.

The guys involved in this fun filled fetish realm love being tease and denied into submission. They might not always admit it but they certainly do. As you might imagine this has a lot to do with female domination but not always. Some men just love being teased in general.

Guys Into Tease & Denial

As I mentioned previously there are different types of guys that are seemingly into this fetish. It pretty much boils down to two groups: Mr. Normal and Mr. Tease. Both of them enjoy it but one of them can barely live without it.

Mr. Normal

The most obvious is the typical every day type of guy; Mr. Normal. He is the type that just loves being flirted with, scoring a peek at some cleavage or seeing a girl bend over. This guy is not into a fetish at all, he’s practically every man on earth. However he doesn’t want to be denied at all!

Mr. Tease Fetish

This is where the fun really begins. Submissive men into tease and denial love being toyed with. They ache to be manipulated by flirtatiousness, our hot bodies and more than anything our brains.

He knows that his mistress is using seduction along with her body to lure him in, only to turn him down. It drives you guys crazy, yet they always come back for more. Because deep down you all know you need it.

For subs into tease and denial there is no escape no matter where you go. Everywhere you look is another trigger that will activate those cravings and have you so turned on that resistance isn’t an option.

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