Using My Panties Against You

Just me using my panties on you

I can’t help it if you are addicted to feminine panties. That’s why I love using my panties against you till you are weakened, vulnerable and on the brink of blue-balling.

Believe me I know just how much they affect you, the throbbing, the uncontrollable desire to start masturbating 30 seconds after seeing them – it’s so much fun.

Thinking About Me Using My Panties

Whether I’m sliding them on or rolling them down, anything involving me using my panties drives you crazy. I know this, your dick know this, so why try to deny it. Instead try submitting beneath my panty buns and learning how to please the panty princess so you get the privilege of enjoying them when those cravings show up.

Teasing? Flirty? Dirty?

I love my undies as much as you do which is why I know how to use them against you so well. The endless amounts of colors, styles and looks of panties I have are guaranteed to fit into the type you love. I have them all from the tiniest colorful thongs to satin panties and even pure cotton good-girl panties.

What type of panties do you crave the most?

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