Wife Watching: Guys that watch their wives

Wife watching

Wife Watching is a fantasy that has gained popularity in recent years among married men.

The fantasy itself involves the husband watching his wife flirting, touching and even partaking in sexual activities with other men. Those activities are not universal either. They vary with each couple.

What types of guys are into this?

Guys of all types are into wife watching but they all have something in common; They are voyeurs.

Voyeurs are people that find excitement and get sexually aroused by watching people especially when it involves nudity or seeing them have sex.

As you can tell, being a voyeur is a given, if you’re into watching your wife with other guys.

Is wife watching the same as cuckolding?

Often people just to the conclusion that this fantasy is nothing more than another form of cuckolding. In a way it is but in many ways it is not.

Cuckolds are usually into similarly scenarios but often incorporate humiliation, verbal abuse and other female domination related themes into the mix.

You’ll find terms like cuckoldress being used sometimes as well, where with this fetish most wives are referred to as a “hotwife”. So they are not the same based upon the dynamics of the situation more so than anything.

However, if you’re interested in knowing more, check out the article on what cuckolding is and who a cuckold is.

What do they like watching?

For the men into this fetish, they like to watch any number of things. Some even like to just fantasize about sharing their wife.

Typically those just into fantasizing will chat online or use webcam services to virtually act it out. Others may have their wives talk dirty to them about.

Now for the men that are really into it; they want to see it all. Some get off seeing their partner flirt with others in bars or while on vacation.

That is tame compared to the married guys that wish to see the love of their life receiving oral sex, giving blowjobs and even having sex with a new dick.

In case you didn’t notice, depending on the guy, the level of what they want to see is the main variable.

The one thing they all share are the constant thoughts about watching their wife with other men. Would you ever consider doing this with your wife?

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