Womens Sexy Feet are Made to Hump

Women's Sexy Feet are Made to Hump

So we heard that apparently women’s sexy feet are made to hump. We had to give our take on this whole feet fetish situation after receiving several tweets and emails, we felt it was almost our duty as online fem dommes to address it.

There are so many foot freaks out there you’d be shocked but they need to get one thing clear; women’s sexy feet weren’t made to hump on. They were made to be walked on but when they aren’t they were made to be massaged, kissed and adored. Now when it comes to the whole humping the foot thing, that’s something that should always be earned.

We’re not going to let some foot fetish loving pig just do what they want. We’ll make them work for the privilege of being able to do something so humiliating and perverted as that.

So if you’re a foot humper and expecting to serve one of us, you better expect to earn every privilege you get because with precious little toes like these, they sure as hell don’t come free.

Privilege to Worship Women’s Sexy Feet

A submissive male must first please his Owner to whatever extent she chooses before expecting anything even close that. Pleasing your owner can take any number of things from cash, to present & gifts all the way to orgasm control; it all depends doesn’t it.

But that should be to first thing on your agenda and by putting her first you foot humpers can look forward to actually being able to do that at some point; if you’re lucky.

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