You Just Want to Worship Ass

You want to worship ass
You want to worship ass
Image Credit: Juliajayceex/ImaFemdom

Isn’t that a surprise you just want to worship ass. It’s all you think about isn’t it?

Constantly wishing you could get the chance to bury your face in a nice juicy pair of cheeks and worship the superior panties and ass of a superior female.

We don’t blame you. You just get so weak when you see us bent over in a tiny pair of thongs or wearing some skin tight cotton leggings and you can just see the outlines of everything can’t you. There is no resisting it, you’re too much of a weakling when it comes to hot ass.

But you don’t ever get the chance, instead you get to beat off like the loser you are while you spend hours looking for videos on the internet, hoping they will make it seem more realistic. Get real dork! If you want to see what it’s like to worship ass like a true slave then you need an online mistress.

Time to Worship Ass Slave

One who knows how to push your buttons and make you earn the privilege of seeing that sweet butt. You’d practically give up your left nut for a chance to sniff that intoxicating aroma wouldn’t you ass slave. At least you do understand one key element as an inferior male and that is where your true place is in life; under our asses.

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