Are You Addicted to Bitchy Women?

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Have you noticed that you’ve always been attracted to bitchy women? Do you feel more turned on when in a relationship with a woman that bosses you around or barks orders at you every chance she gets?

Ya know, it’s pretty funny but most guys that feel the way you do think they have something wrong with them or have mommy issues but really you’re a person with submissive tendencies. Some of you guys may hate hearing that but it’s exactly what it is, if you really think about it.

Dominant men go after women that will submit to their will but on the other hand you submissive guys go for the more independent, bossy, bitchy women.

See how that works? It’s really simple to understand when you see it spelled out like that. But the thing is there is no reason to try to hide it or fight it. Instead embrace it and submit to the will of dominant bitchy women.

Bitchy Women Will Rule Your World

Submissive women want to do whatever it takes to please their man, mentally and sexually whereas bitchy women will be expecting you to assume that role as they do as they please even more so the prior.

So you can expect to be used harsher, spoke to harsher and truly made to submit a bitchy woman especially those that fit into the dominatrix and mistress categories.

Tons of guys out there fool themselves into thinking that they wanted a beautiful feminine submissive woman when in reality you’ve always wanted to assume the submissive role and do as you’re told.

So what do you think? Would you say you’re addicted to bitchy women and could never be with a more submissive girl? Share your opinions and thoughts with us Princesses.

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1 thought on “Are You Addicted to Bitchy Women?

  1. You are very perceptive & right. Ever since grade school I got turned on by sexy Girls that bossed me around! As an adult I became a financial slave to a beautiful Asian model. I paid her $200./mo. for about 5yrs. I also bought Her clothes & shoes. She said the money was “reparation payments” for males exploiting Females. Recently She said I learned my lesson and my payments could stop! I still buy Her gifts and She calls me Her X slave. I actually love Her. Pretty weird, right?

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