Foot Worship Fetish: Enjoying Feet on a Whole New Level

Foot Worship Fetish

At this point pretty much everyone knows about foot fetishes but today I’m talking about foot worship, which is taking things to a whole new level.

This isn’t just about thinking someone has pretty feet or cute toes, oh no, this is female domination mixed with foot fetishism. I guess you could say it’s a feet fetish on steroids in a way.

First of all there are guys that like feet but then there are foot slaves. A foot slave is typically the guy wanting to worship those pretty toes. And for dominant women like me, it can be quite fun as well. Just using your feet on a guy then seeing how weak and turned on he gets is totally fun. For guys that are into the fetish, trust me, they’ll be loving it just as much as we do.

What Does Foot Worship Involve?

Foot worship involves all sorts of stuff, so much so it would be nearly impossible to list them all. Basically it could be anything from foot kissing and toe sucking to having your dick tormented by our pretty feet.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though! It can be completely vanilla at one end of the spectrum and borderline crazy at the other. So guys like being dominated while worshiping feet and others like simply pampering those toes. As you can see it’s all over the place but if you’re a guy into worshiping pretty feet then you’re in luck.

The reason I say that is because now we can put your foot loving ass to work on ours and well you’re already here! So what is it that you love the most this fetish? Is it just being able to play with our feet or does it go much deeper than that. Let us know down below.

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