Hot Cuckold Book: A Cuckold Night

Cuckold Night Book

For all of you cuckold book lovers and even hot wife or swinging story lovers, we’ve got a good one for you; A Cuckold Night by K.D. Browne.

I’ve just been starting to get into the whole erotic book scene and have to say this wasn’t a bad start at all.

I typically get all hot and bothered over female domination related stories but this book had just enough of it to keep me aching for what was to come next.

The couple in this book had a great dynamic and the way the author had them interacting, made me feel as if I was a part of it.

Instead of most erotica books this one actually had a great deal of build up surrounding the husband’s secret cuckold cravings and had me constantly guessing whether or not he was going to get busted…was she going to play along… was he about to be dumped or turned into a cuckold.

Book of the Month: A Cuckold Night

It was hot as hell and I suggest you give it a whirl if you’re into the cuckold scene. You can find it on Amazon under: A Cuckold Night

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