I am a Pantyhose Addict

Pantyhose addict

So you had it cross your mind; I am a pantyhose addict. The look, the feel and the alluring nature of a woman’s pantyhose simply drives you insane.

You probably thought for years you just thought they looked attractive or thought they were a bit of a tease but the more they began to turn you on, you could no longer deny your status as a pantyhose addict.

Most “normal” women don’t understand your desires and need to view and enjoy pantyhose but us Mistresses certainly do.

We know that you need to watch use slide on a pair of ultra sheer stockings over our feet as we slide them into place just so.

Such a sheer material isn’t it? The thought of just a tiny thin piece of fabric between our bodies and you is intoxicating isn’t it little addict.

They sure are fun to check out but when trying to in public or at work all that you’re left with are a set of blue balls as you walk away trying to hide your boner.

So Sheer and Sexy; Pantyhose Addict

With us, if you’re good, you’ll experience much more. You can watch us try on different styles of pantyhose,  various colors with varying levels of sheerness and of course watch us flash, tease and taunt you into a state of utter submission as you watch a hose covered butt lowering down over the webcam or some pretty toes wiggling into your face.

Don’t fight your pantyhose addiction but rather come indulge in it with one of us pantyhose princesses or a whole group of us if you think you can handle it and if you don’t come try anyway and we will make sure you do.

Are you a pantyhose addict too? Do you need your fix? Check out a beautiful pantyhose mistress on webcam today and serve those sheer goodies properly!

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  1. i am completely addicted to Stocking Feet and i have just sold some shares to get plenty of $$$ to feed my addiction….

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