PAWG ass jiggling in your face will make you lose your mind

PAWG jiggling her ass.

It is common knowledge that guys love big butts. Having a big PAWG ass in your face jiggling around will make you lose your damn mind.

For all of those with an ass worship fetish, being able to get near a pretty white girl with a booty is the ultimate. Just getting the chance to stare at it is an honor and privilege to be thankful for.

What is a PAWG?

PAWG stands for “pretty ass white girl”. It’s used in reference to hot white women with big natural asses.

Forget all about the fake silicone buns. A PAWG is a woman that is on that top tier level especially for guys that love big butts.

She is that girl you wish you could date and dream about marrying. In addition you’d give anything to face plant right into that deep butt cleavage.

They are the epitome of every man’s sexual fantasy. Which is why ass and pussy worship top of the list of fetishes involving PAWGs.

Watching PAWG ass jiggle

It’s not hard to guess that watching pretty white booty jiggling is a favorite past time. Really it should be enjoyed by all men. There’s no keeping those eyes off it anyway. That’s a fact.

Fortunately having to only watch ass in public isn’t the case anymore. Now it’s possible to get your rocks off while watching this PAWG booty streaming over the internet and even right on your phone.

That ass is so round and perfect, how could anyone not want to watch it jiggling around for them?

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