Used Like the Pay Pig You Are

Used Like the Pay Pig You Are

You find yourself craving it constantly but now is the time you get used like the pay pig you are. 

No longer are you going to be dealing with fakes and flakes but rather a real deal money princess and greedy little bitch that will break your bank account.

I don’t give a shit about your problems, your wife or how many times you came last week. This is about me and you should feel lucky that I’m giving you the opportunity to attempt to please a perfect princess like me.

Pay pig is the only title you’ll have besides slave around me. You’ll learn to love it.

Be a Good Pay Pig

Whether it’s buying me clothes, filling my bags with cash or just kissing my ass — I love using pay piggies for my own financial benefit and personal entertainment.

How could you not want to become a part of that? You must see how lucky you would be by now.

Tuck your tiny dick back in your pants and come pay the princess! Only then you can see if we can work out an arrangement where I’ll let you touch your dick again in the near future, because from this point forward; I own that cock.

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2 thoughts on “Used Like the Pay Pig You Are

  1. hey sexy looking woman, where are you located at I need to know so we can meet up in person and then you can do what you want to do with me, after all I want to be your sex slave and sex toy.

  2. What do you think the appeal is for your “pets”? There are two main types of people who enjoy this. One is the guy who craves being abused. He likes to be ridiculed or to feel used. Having someone take your money from you can be humiliating and make you suffer and struggle. The other type is the macho, dominating-in-real-life kind of man. He’s stressed out from making business decisions, running a business, and being the one in charge all the time. He really gets off on being vulnerable once in a while and having someone else take charge. It’s like a vacation for him.

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