Becoming a High Heel Slave?

High Heel Slave

High heel slave? What the hell is that?

Hey everyone just calm down. A high heel slave is a type of submissive foot fetishist. There are tons of different ways a foot fetish can manifest and this just happens to be one of them — one of my personal favorites in regards to BDSM as well.

This crew of foot lovers is into all sorts of stuff but it is all focused on the enjoyment of sassy high heels. The only problem I’ve found is that many of them love the sight of high heels but aren’t sure how to become a high heel slave — though they want to.

Become a High Heel Slave

It’s actually not that difficult at all. All you need is the right mindset and the right motive to become a true to life, high heel slave.

First of all you must be prepared to be a submissive partner in this type of “relationship”. You will be down at a mistress’s feet, so it’s only proper. You’ll also want to be ready to handle the high heels is various ways depending on what your mistress wants.

Take me for example. Now only do I enjoy laughing at a slave as he tongue cleans my sweaty high heels but I also want him to later clean and polish them properly as well as organize and put them away like a good boy. Later on I might make him fetch a certain pair that I’ll rest on his face as I use him as my personal ottoman. See what I mean?

You already have the love for high heels and they turn you on like nothing else does. Now you just need to accept your place and be prepared to adapt and devote yourself to being a real high heel slave.

Are you ready? You can get started by training to become a high heel slave online.

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