Brainwashing by a Dominant Female

Brainwashing You

Some women simply know how to push all the right buttons and it can result in a brainwashing by a dominant female if you don’t want yourself. Well okay maybe it’s not that crazy… or is it?

Many submissive guys out there actually want to find a dominant woman that can manipulate and eventually control them. So it’s not actually something that is forced on a guy because it’s another female domination based fetish that they enjoy.

Why Would Someone Enjoy Being Brainwashed?

The allure of it is mainly due to the dynamic involved and what it entails. Being a man that’s submissive dealing with an extremely beautiful and intelligent woman that has a taste for domination is extremely erotic not to mention exciting.

They know that interacting with them can lead to them doing things they normally wouldn’t — especially when they have a dominatrix that really knows how to get inside their head.

So it’s not about literally brainwashing someone but rather being seduced, manipulated and trained to be obedient and do exactly as their owner desires. At times that can even mean doing things a slave might feel uncomfortable with for the personal pleasure of their dominatrix.

But hey it could be worse right? After all you are getting to enjoy being able to associate and serve a dominant female. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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