Cash Princess Isabella

Cash Princess Isabella

This is Cash Princess Isabella. She’s by far one of my favorite online wallet rapers. 

Just one time serving her and you find yourself spiraling downward forever becoming more enslaved by her beauty. I dropped $50 in like five minutes spent talking with her. The whole time she kept telling me that I couldn’t resist her cleavage and big round juicy butt.

This drove me absolutely insane because of course I couldn’t and she knew it

Cash Princess Isabel is actually quite tall with big round tits, a round booty and is very thin otherwise. Of course this combination is quite lethal when it comes to a cash pig like me. Go see for yourself how hot findoms can be.

I say she’s young, sexy and knows just how to push my buttons so I can never say no to her when she tells me I need a cash raping. The way that she can move her body and the arrogant way she speaks makes my dick throb uncontrollably. I know and she knows I’ll be back begging to sniff her ass again.

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