Cuckolded Due to “Roll of Quarters” Penis

Cuckolded due to my roll of quarters penis

I was excited to be with Kate and we met at a party, when hammered she made out with me and grinded on my cocklette but wanted to stop there for the time being. 

I got a raging boner and couldn’t contain my load so when she passed out I had to go tug in the bathroom to release my load.

We dated for a while and eased into having sex, so my relationship lasted longer this way looking back on it. My first try with Kate she was in bed and when I pulled off her jeans and saw her purple thong ass cheeks I already felt pre-cum oozing into my spandex briefs and got nervous that I’d cum too quickly.

When I ripped off my clothes and tried to make it in I ended up needing help because I couldn’t poke it in on my own. She grabbed my cocklette with 3 fingers and tugged it briefly before guiding it in her tight little southern belle pussy.

5 Thrusts Till Premature Ejaculation

I nearly came on insert and started making excuses right away but she said “just do it hard and go” , “come on Mike fuck me cum for me” she encouraged me to just cum right away and then we could fuck again longer in a bit. I thrusted 5 hard times and then pulled out and came on her pussy.

When she told me to “keep it up for me” she was massaging my ballettes and sucking my cocklette to help and I did my best but I got flaccid and had to “rest” for a while.

Roll of quarters sized penis

About an hour later we tried again and this time she started my grabbing my cocklette over the boxers and jerking me off. She thought it was foreplay, and said “it’s like a roll of quarters”.

Smiling and meanwhile I was eye bulging and already close to coming, she flopped my now raging poker out and started stroking it with an OK symbol technique, after a few strokes my load shot out and she went “whoaaa you must be excited today!”

Cheated on and Cuckolded

From then on more similar experiences occurred and eventually led to Kate asking why she never got to orgasm. She wasn’t mean or mad at me but realized the unfairness and to my surprise I was informed by coworkers that she fucked someone else on New Years. We had been dating for a year at that point.

I chose just not to believe it and Kate never said anything about it. Once during a discussion I mentioned I had a slightly below average cock and she got oddly mad and said “I’ve never said anything to you about that” and later found out she was texting the other ex… this led to more cheating and eventually dumping one day after we were drunk and hanging out and she had played with my flaccid cocklette poking it in till it disappeared and laughing “this is definitely not a shower!”

Kate Deserves Big Cock

Kate was the nicest girl I ever met and had huge tits that engulfed my cocklette and I was so lucky to get chances with her. She rightfully cucked me looking back and I deserved all the stuff she did to me and times she “accidentally” hit my ballettes with a knee or a fist.

I miss Kate and her amazing thong collection and still jerk off to old pics of her thong ass cheeks I have on an old phone. I’m glad she found a big cock that can make her orgasm and doesn’t have to put up with my flaccid flopper as she once called it.

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