Being a Financial Domina

Financial domina

Being a financial domina is something I do that most people in my normal life do not know about.

I use men for money but without ever meeting them or having sex. Instead I interact with them online and over the phone.

This is not something that everyone can do because you need to be intelligent, attractive and highly sexual, so if you do not have all three you can forget about it.

Life as a Financial Domina

My life as a financial domina is focused on using men just like they are my personal cash piggy banks. They are there to provide for me, to give me money, pay my bills and fit the bill for anything I desire.

In that sense you could say us financial dommes are traditionalists in that sense because we still believe men are best suited for “bringing home the bacon”.

While women run around wasting their time on jobs and careers that are meaningless, women like me reap the rewards and benefits of the opposite. I do whatever I please, I pursue any hobbies, studies or interests I have without concern.

The best part is that I do not even have to pay a dime for any of it. My financial slaves pay for my lavish lifestyle as a financial dominatrix and I love every minute of it.

Personal Relationships

My personal relationships are just that. Only my boyfriend knows about my “job” as a financial domina and I have no problem keeping it that way.

Many of my cash subs are into cuckolding so they love knowing I have a hung and successful boyfriend at home also paying for me to live a life of absolute leisure. On occasion if they pay enough I even let them see him use it on me, which drives them wild.

In summary, I am a financial domina and do not intend to stop milking men for their money. All of them can look forward to me continuing to spend their money how I see fit and they will continue to thank me for it while having the honor of serving findoms like me online.

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