Findom Sophy the Seductress

Findom Sophy

I’m so happy to finally be able to do this article for everyone. You’re looking at Findom Sophy, aren’t I the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?

I know I am but all jokes (not really) aside the obvious reasons you would find me here is because I am one of the best financial dominatrix that has ever existed.

Just once look at me and you can see why that’s the case. You’re truly looking at the essence of pure perfection and dominance. You are a nothing unless I say so and having me even notice you exist is an utter privilege; we both realize that.

For me financial domination comes as second nature. I’ve always had a shopping addiction and spend endlessly on pampering myself with new bras and panties (full blown addict!). So using men as a source to further my lavish lifestyle was a given.

You know what it is about me that you pay pigs can’t get enough of? The fact that so many are there to replace you that it makes you think constantly about new ways to give me more money and gifts.

Silly pay piggies it’s only just the beginning — just wait till the real fun begins between us.

Tribute Findom Sophy

I do a lot of chatting online and over the mics so don’t you worry piggies, as you tribute and please me you in turn will gain more and more privileges such as being able to speak to me, see me change clothes or who knows maybe I’ll even get naughty.

But you have to be a good slave for those things and tribute your savings, credit lines and paychecks away to Findom Sophy; your new owner.

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