Foot Worship Goddess for Submissive Men

Foot Worship Goddess

You may think no one knows about your foot fetishes but a foot worship goddess like me knows all about it.

The fact that you spend so much time sneaking peaks at women’s shoes and high heels every chance you get.

Some of you even go out of your way to figure out various ways to sneak a glimpse at some socks or a little pair of flip flops. The fact of the matter is, you need someone to control and tease you with their feet so you quit being such a damn perv in public. Ha-ha!

Why do you do it? It’s because you’re a foot pig and submissive man.

It is Foot Worship Goddess Time

Lucky for you, this is where I come in. I am a goddess that deserves and demands that my feet get worshiped properly. Oh and I’m into it all including everything from toe sucking, sniffing and licking to trampling, massaging and using you as my foot rest.

Yes I do know that much about you foot fetishists — I know all your horny fantasies vary but it all still boils down to my feet deserving worship and adoration.

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