Money Pigs Deserve to Be Drained

Money Pigs Deserve to Be Drained

Check out this great submission we received from a happy slave who served Mistress Pussy Kat.

I got what I asked for, that for sure. Mistress Pussy Kat cash drained this money pig hard last night. It was all just teasing and jerk off instructions at first; which is what I wanted.

But after about 10 minutes she started talking about money pigs and how I’d make a good one which got me visibly hard (I was on cam too). Cam to cam rules!

When she noticed that she started teasing me and flashing her full butt panties at me till I started sending her tips at 10 bucks a pop.

After about 20 of those she played raise the rate with me and kept jacking her per minute rate up to almost 12 bucks a minute before I was finally able to shoot my nut!

Now I am 500 dollars poorer and already getting hard just typing this. I am such a pathetic cash slave. Just the same, thank you for helping me get used like a pig deserves.

There’s nothing more satisfying then hearing that one of my girlfriends teased and used that little cash piggy so well. She’s a total hottie and by the sounds of it drove him insane!

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