How Often Do You Think About Panties?

Princess posing in panties

How Often Do You Think About Pretty Panties?

Has your panty obsession begun to take over to the point of becoming a true panty addict? So how often do you think about panties and once you know that we can see how much you truly NEED to worship them.

First we have our, only when I’m horny, types that love panties to death once they have become turned on and rock hard but that’s not the guys we like! We like the guys who are truly addicted to panties and fantasize about them all the time.

To determine if you’re a true addict when it comes to panties you need to pay attention for about a week or so if you don’t already know and see how often you think about our oh so feminine little naughty underwear. If you think about panties at least once a day and while jerking off from time to time (probably most of them time) then you are a true panty pig and addict!

Do You Love Playing with Panties?

We are talking everything from snooping and sniffing them to constantly looking for pantylines in public and jerking off with them wrapped around your dick. Even if you just fantasy about the idea of being able to do any of those examples or other things to do with playing with panties – odds are you’re a full blown panty addict.

Being an addict when it comes the panties of a superior female is something to be proud of. So for now on don’t hold back but rather come and indulge your panty fetishes with one of us Princesses!

Let us hear what you have to say! What’s your favorite fantasy involve tiny little panties?

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1 thought on “How Often Do You Think About Panties?

  1. Begore my wife agreed for me wearing the panties, i was almost all the time thinking about panties. Since now I am always wearing the panties, I think of them, only when i go shopping or come across a lingirie store
    Now a fays i fantasise wearing panties from the laundyr bag of my mother in law whenever i vivst their house

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