Orgasms? None for You Chastity Slaves!

Chastity slaves

Orgasms. Who doesn’t love orgasms?

Real men get them all the time but you chastity slaves; none for you! The difference between a real man and you inferior small penis having sissies is the fact that you can be trusted with controlling your own orgasms.

Unlike a real man you don’t deserve to orgasm anytime you want to and you aren’t strong enough to self regulate so you need a mistress that can be your key holder.

We both know you guys would just play with yourselves constantly and try to stroke away your submissive tendencies but that’s not allowed for you chastity slaves.

You don’t get to control anything including your own orgasms. That’s for us superior goddesses to decide and you to simply whimper and work for.

Chastity Slaves Don’t Get Orgasms

Once you have submitted to a dominant mistress their is only one thing left to do and that’s handle over the keys like a good chastity slave. You are no longer in charge of anything but rather your life will be devoted to pleasing your powerful princess and doing as you’re told to do.

You’ll find over time as a chastity slave that your orgasms must now be earned instead of getting them anytime you want. You would just take advantage of your own orgasm abilities otherwise.

When you’re ready to take your next steps you’ll need to find a mistress to be your key holder, so go ahead and browse the dominant girls and you’re sure to find the right fit.

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