Polish Micropenis Fails and Gets Friend Zone

Leah is a hot and fiery Lebanese diva who made me suffer endless blue balls back in school. She has had me tucked me into the friend zone for going on 15 years now and I’m going to be there forever too.

I had a lot of chances with Leah to get to experience her amazing Lebanese ass cheeks and perfect titties. Unfortunately I kept blowing it and she kept dating BBC instead.

That Little Polish Penis

I remember one day in the library she sat across from me in a white button down and had it unbuttoned halfway so I could see the lacy bra. Soon I was sweating so hard and got a small erection right away.

Guy shows his Polish micropenis.
This is what my Polish micropenis looks like when erect. Realize that this is harder than I’ve been in years too. Clearly not enough dick for a real woman.

She was rubbing her foot on my leg and my eyes were bulging and she said “I bet you have a little Polish pee pee don’t you,” then she giggled and said “Come on mate!”

“Mate” is what she calls me, like a buddy, but that day she offered me a BJ after school in the weight room!

Blowing Every Chance Ever

I was stuttering and stammering but didn’t go through with it and went to basketball practice like a loser, while Leah went right back to BBC.

I’ll never forget that tease of a moment. My tiny loser penis was and is still going crazy over what I missed out on forever.

There were so many more changes with Leah. The prom and the trip to visit her at college. What night that was!

After hanging out with her, I fell asleep below her bed like a moron and woke up to spending hours staring up at her ass in a leopard print thong all night. Eventually this loser dick couldn’t take it, so I jerked off in her toilet.

Friend Zone for Life

That was my final chance with her and I know I’ll never get another one. Now she is happily married to a BBC and I’m forever in the friend-zone tugging away on my pitiful micropenis.

And to Leah, if you ever read this, I’m sorry for being such a beta-male and hanging in the friend zone for all these years.

It’s just us guys with pinky dicks are that desperate. We will stay friends with hotties we can’t hookup with in hopes of at least getting to sniff some dirty panties out of the hamper. I am that pathetic and so sorry for it.

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  1. Leah, pleaseee its me its your pathetix mate if you see this i really do wanna be your cuckold bitchboy! I know it sounds crazy but its my proper place and im accepting im a full beta addicted to ass…

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