Adoring ass from a distance with a dicklette

Adoring panty ass from a distance.

There is nothing like a hot ass in panties that will leave a guy in the friend zone, throbbing like a bitch in heat. I lived to tell the tale; the story of my agonizing night of worshiping ass from afar.

I’ll never forget the image of her ass dangling above me. All night long I had to stare at that fine ass. My boner was poked out to the max (super small) and there was no way in the world she’d touch it – so I was screwed.

The night I became the bitch

At the time she was dating someone, so she said I couldn’t be in the bed with her. So I ended up sleeping on the floor at the base of her bed like a bitch.

It was a hot night and as I was enjoying the hard floor against my back, she rolled around a bit in her sleep and the covers fell off. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Her gorgeous panty covered ass was now exposed and I thought at that moment my boner might just explode on its own.

There was no way I could resist looking. Instead I stared at it longingly and squirmed around throbbing to her ass cheeks, all night long. Talk about a tease and denial session. My micro dick was seriously going crazy.

Painful but one of the best nights ever

Even though seeing her hot ass made me turn into a throbbing horny ass pig; it was one of the best nights ever.

I wanted to kiss her cheeks so badly and if I could go back in time I would’ve begged for the privilege. As humiliating as it would be; I’d just beg like a bitch to become her personal ass slave.

Aching to worship that Lebanese ass

Staring at that ass made me want to worship it. At that moment I would have done anything to bury my face in her butt crack. Any amount of humiliation I would have endured, just to be a slave to her ass.

Polish penis.

I’d even confess to her about my little polish penis and tell her that her big hot Lebanese ass would engulf it and make it disappear. Not to mention I’d probably be instantly cumming off of one thrust or ass grind from her. That’s all I could handle for sure.

One time she gave it a quick grind at a dance and I almost passed out while damn near premature ejaculating in my pants.

Another time at college she helped fix up my busted ankle and she hardly had anything on at the time. Needless to say she leaned over and her big titties were bouncing around and my eyes were rolling back in my head just from seeing that!

Oh the things I’d do

First off I would say sorry just for being so pathetic. Then I’d just beg to please be able to sniff her used thongs, kiss her ass and adore her pussy palace. I’d even worship her toes if she wanted. Yes I’m that desperate and weak.

Forever I’ll wish I could go back and beg to be her blue ball having, bitty dicklette packing, buckeye bitch.

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