Sissy Almost Cried While Bound and Humiliated

It was all fun until the humiliation made my sissy ass almost start crying.

The day began with me meeting up with a girl for some sissy fun. Before I knew it I was being blindfolded and getting my hands bound like a bound sissy slave but I’ll get to that. First let’s start from the beginning.

How the Sissy Day Started

She put me in panties to start and must have found that hilarious because she instantly started giggling about it. Next she tied me up to a chair, leaving me helpless while she snooped around and found all of my girly things I had hidden away.

Sissy Busted with a Boner

When she saw my hard sissy stick poking up she proceeded to humiliate me further. I couldn’t deny behind turned on so she made me put on and get dressed like a girl while she laughed.

From there she took me outside while all dressed up, blindfolded and had me kneel down out there. She then bound my wrists and leashed me like a loser slave.

I Almost Cried Like a Girl

The bit of sissy fun had turned into full blown humiliation! I was tied up helplessly on the front porch in a little sissy dress with a collar and leash on. So what does she do? She went inside and left me out there!

I begged her to let me come in but she just laughed at me like crazy. The most I begged the more she began taunting me about taking me to a porn store dressed like that.

She didn’t budge either, she just let me sweat it out. It was then that I almost cried like a total girl out there in my prissy dress.

That’s a day I will never forget and I have the photo proof as a constant reminder of how pathetic I looked.

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1 thought on “Sissy Almost Cried While Bound and Humiliated

  1. Maybe you were always a sissy or never really feltlike a guy n just needed to know. Whatever the case is. Maybe this is what the doctor would of ordered. Me personally I’ve been cleared for SRS surgery twice by licensed medical boards as well as on HRT for decades. Which stupifies me how i ever got looped up on sissy hypnos. Lol. But shit happens i guess. Haha.

    Regardless, here’s to hoping yippy get what you want in life

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