Toe Sucking is What You Should Be Doing Foot Slave

Toe Sucking is What You Should Be Doing Foot Slave

Toe sucking is simply suitable for submissive foot fetishists.

I am a dominant girl who loves rocking all sorts of shoes ranging from high heels to knee high boots and even sneakers from time to time to tease you into submission.

But there is nothing I enjoy more then after taking them off after a long then having a lowly pathetic foot slave sucking my toes till the cows come home.

However don’t you start thinking I will just let any person suck my toes, oh no not at all. Submitting to my feel and being able to sniff, lick, kiss or suck my toes is an incredible privilege and one that is to be earned.

Toe Sucking is a Privilege

Look at my body, my beautiful booty and of course my long sexy legs finished off with my stilettos. Each of my sexy bits are absolutely perfect, superior and deserving of worship. Once you become my personal online foot slave you earn the privilege of being able to get off to my feet and toes.

And don’t you worry mistress can show off anything you’d like from high heels to pantyhose to just my sweet bare feet.

Just imagine how great your life will become knowing you are now owned by a true foot mistress who is around to use you as a foot slave should be used. Now start sucking up so you can start sucking toes!

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9 thoughts on “Toe Sucking is What You Should Be Doing Foot Slave

  1. I am interested in serving and worshiping a doms feet. What do I need to do to find a dominant woman to serve?

  2. one of my fantasies is to kneel before 2 or several beautiful woman to lick clean their soles and toes and be a total lapdog then be honored and taught to perform oral on them as a sort of honor.

  3. Hello my gorgeous Mistress! I’m not submissive by nature but I find your picture and words quite intoxicating. I’d love to have a beautiful strong sexy woman like you in my life to pamper and spoil and adore. Are you interested in being treated like a Goddess? I look forward to hearing from you my Love!

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