I Want to Watch My Wife

I Want to Watch My Wife!

I want to watch my wife, this is something we hear from submissive men all the time. Many of them come to us with her wife sharing fantasies and don’t understand at times why they even crave such a thing. Well it’s actually quite simple usually it boils down to to one of the following three things.

For starters many cuckolds or wannabes crave sharing their wife because they think that she’s incredibly sexy and it turns them on seeing another man getting so turned on, so rock hard eager to pump their wife in front of him. Now that’s just one reason.

Reasons for Wanting to Watch My Wife

Another common reason to want to view your partner or even your cuckolding mistress is because you secretly a little cock sucker and you find yourself getting hard thinking about lubing up a big stiff dick with your mouth before you slide it into her and watch a real man do her like you never could.

Now the last reason were going to describe for having such cravings could be the fact that your little cum craving cream pie addict who can’t wait to get his mouth slurping over top of a well used cum filled pussy while the stud that just filled her up kicks back laughing at how pathetic and perverted you really are.

Hopefully some of the information that us goddesses so graciously provided you with gives you some insight as to why you find yourself thinking; I want to watch my wife have sex with another man. Let us know what you think is the hottest aspect of sharing your spouse or girlfriend in the comments section below!

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