Your Place as a Cash Slave

Earn your place as a cash slave.

Before devoting yourself to a superior princess you need to know your place as a cash slave and what’s expected of you.

First things first you need to realize that it’s no longer about you and your financial needs it’s now about spoiling and tributing all of your hard earned cash in exchange for the honor of being used like the pig you are.

As you can see it’s not as if you don’t get any perks just you no longer have any use our desire to have money any longer but instead get the privilege of being around a woman you know you can never be around any other way.

The more you pay the more you get to play in terms of being able to see the body that owns you in getting the attention of your mistress which you crave more and more each day. Don’t worry those cravings are never going to go away but rather will continue to get stronger the more you get drained of all of your cash.

Earn Your Place as a Cash Slave

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that losers like you don’t deserve to have money other than what it takes you to pay your bills and continue to work to earn more money for your pretty Princess.

Cash slavery is definitely not for those who are not serious about getting used and milked of their credit card limits and bank account balances.

But if you are, you’re in for a treat because this is the most intense financial slavery you can find anywhere so get ready to enjoy. Learn more about your place as one of our Pay Pigs.

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