Watch mistress peg some sissy ass

Mistress about to strapon peg a sissy.

Strapon pegging a sissy in the ass is a great way to reinforce your dominance while training his holes. 

Make that sissy work his mouth on it first before popping it right into his booty like the slutty bimbo is slowly becoming.

That all sounds hot but have you ever seen it happen or experienced it in one form or another? If not continue reading for some real fun.

Currently mistress is training a slender man, more like skinny sissy slut, to become my full-time slave. So what I decided to do is start strapon pegging and pumping his ass on webcam for the world to see.

This will not only further his humiliation and training but will let other sissy wannabes see what they are in for. Come help feminize him by watching his ass get strapon banged on cam by a curvy dominatrix.

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