What is cuckolding and who is a cuckold

What is cuckolding and who is a cuckold?

Cuckolding as a fetish isn’t new but it has been getting more popular as of late. Here is what it is and who a cuckold is.

So Who is a Cuckold?

A cuckold is a guy that enjoys sharing his girlfriend or wife with other men. You may notice variations of term being used as well, such as cuck and cucky. The woman involved is what’s known as a hotwife.

Cuckolding Defined

Cuckolding is a fetish that involves married men that want their wife have sex with others. Some want to watch her do it and others want to get cheated on. Certain people out there think it’s just a derogatory name to call someone but it’s actually a kink all its own.

Only Married Men Crave This?

Being married isn’t a requirement however, because plenty of guys want to do this with their girlfriends as well. A quick search on any adult site and you’ll find plenty of guys watching their girlfriend hook up with strangers and even their own best friends.

Cuckolding Has a History

If you were to look up cuckolding in the dictionary, you would find that the word is quite old. Historically it refers to a guy that has a cheating wife. Times have changed because now the guys involved actually want it to happen.

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