What is Ass Worship All About?

What is Ass Worship?

Of course guys love cute butts but ass worship takes it to a whole new level of adoration. So what is this butt fetish about anyway? 

Ass Worship is a fetish that focuses solely on adoring a woman’s butt. That includes but isn’t limited to kissing, touching, smelling and licking. Basically anything that would pleasure her ass is what these guys desire.

Ass Worship In Relation to Female Domination

Often times people think ass worship has to be related to female domination. It is but that’s not always the case.

In relation to domination fetishes, you’ll find booty worship is more about humiliating the guy involved. It will often be a punishment in the form of Facesitting or Queening.

Sometimes it even goes as extreme as making guys sniff farts or sweaty asses after a long hot workout. Not always but it does with some.

Worshiping Ass Isn’t Only for Submissive Men

There are plenty of guys that aren’t submissive in life that are also infatuated with women’s asses. Tons of men into ass worship simply love pleasuring an ass. Whether it be massaging, kissing, licking or even Facesitting. The major difference is the lack of humiliation.

These guys just straight up love our asses and want to be near them whenever the opportunity arises. They tend to be the lovers of booty shaking, twerking, big butts and all that.

Although they too are hooked on hot cheeks they tend not to have all the domination, verbal abuse and other activities that come along with the more femdom type fetishes.

Ass Love is All You Need

It all comes down to the love of ass. Most people out there only know, that of course, men love women’s butts. Yet when it comes to worshiping ass that’s a realm you tend to only know about if you’re into it.

Ass Worship is indeed a fetish of its own, although can be combined with others. And basically if you have an intense love and attraction to sexy asses, you are leaning toward being into this fetish. That’s even more likely if you practically need it to get yourself off.

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