Facesitting and Queening Fetish

Facesitting and Queening Fetish

Let me guess you’ve spent endless hours fantasizing about facesitting and queening fetishes and can’t wrap your head around it.

No matter how hard you try you always end up wanking off thinking about a round juicy butt pressing down over your nose and mouth.

You most likely buck about thinking about inhaling that sweet perfume and pleading with your Mistress to let you lick either or her pretty tasting holes. Well listen up all booty obsessed submissive men out there. You’re not alone!

Facesitting Fetishes for Submissive Men That Worship Pussy and Ass

In fact your facesitting fetish is normal when it comes to little submissive guys like you. After all where is would you want to be more so than buried under the epitome of feminine power; our asses and pretty little peaches.

For one it brings you that much closer to our thin little panties, it places your face down beneath us which is right where you belong and forces you to submit and do only as we say.

Also for those of you who think that facesitting and queening are different fantasies, sorry, but they are the same. I kind of like the term “queening” simply for that fact it implies that your enduring a facesitting from a Queen, which is exactly what we are.

Take for example that fabulous ass up above, try saying you wouldn’t bury your face and lose all sanity in a feeble attempt to please her. Of course you would.

Are you truly ready to experience a facesitting and extreme ass tease while being told what to do?!

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