Worship My Pretty Toes?

Worship my pretty toes
Worship my pretty toes
Image Credit: RavenFootSlut/ImaFemdom

Would you worship my pretty toes? If you’re a foot addict, you’re probably screaming yes while simultaneously popping a boner right now.

Foot slaves simply can’t get enough when it comes to pretty toes. Well maybe not all of them but a very large percentage of them absolutely love them.

Foot fetish lovers come in all sorts of different flavors and with all sorts of fantasies and desires mixed in with their love for sexy feminine feet. However what we are covering today are those horny foot slaves out there that love to see, sniff, feel and of course suck pretty toes.

Worship Pretty Toes Like a Good Slave

Not only is the act of getting down and dirty with our superior feet a quite humiliating act but it also very empowering for us femdom mistresses. To see a lowly foot lover down there sniffing in the sensual feminine essences and begging to lick and suck those pretty toes is a true feeling of power over a foot slave. Just as it should be.

When it comes to the worship of pretty toes, the slave must be prepared to do whatever it takes so that they can continue to see their feet and if lucky even be able to get themselves off to them with permission of course. Whether it’s using your mouth to slip those toes into or using your back as a footstool — be prepared to submit to those superior toes completely.

Would you say that you have what it takes to truly serve a set of powerful pretty toes? Is it your fantasy to be a true blue foot slave?

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