Teasing with a Hand in My Panties

Teasing with hand in my panties
Teasing with hand in my panties
Credit: KatieMeyerXX/ImaFemdom

Do you find it teasing with my hand in my panties in front of you? Does seeing my feminine fingers working their way into my goodies make you begin to lose all control of yourself?

Being infatuated with panties is normal for submissive men and even some dominant ones. But being submissive draws you towards panties even more so. In fact some of you probably want to slip into a pair yourself.

A goddess’s panties are a reflection of who she is, how she feels and what she intends to do that day. This could easily include how much we want to taunt and tease you that day. Panties not only show all these details but they also are made in a way that shows off every inch that drives you crazy and hides all the sweeties that you don’t deserve to see till you’ve earned it.

Hand in My Panties but You Can’t See

You know that as an inferior man that you don’t deserve anything from superior women for free. That’s why, if you’ve noticed, women’s panties are made so that even the tiniest ones can easily cover everything you NEED to see.

Even when my hand is in my panties for example, I can always count on having enough extra fabric to ensure you can’t see what I’m doing with my sweetness. Such a tease isn’t it?

As a panty lover, panty addict or whatever category you fit into, you should know that we know how much you love our panties and that they will be used against you. Also from now on, anytime you find yourself dying to see a pretty hand down in some pretty panties, you know just where to go to get your peek.

What are you willing to do to see one of us slide our hand into our panties? How far will you go to please us so that you have a chance at maybe seeing us play with our peaches?

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