Bad Angel the Humiliatrix

Credit: XBadAngelX/ImaFemdom

So I see you’ve finally found me, your bad angel and soon to be humiliatrix. That’s right I know all about your cravings for abuse and humiliation at the hands of a hottie like me.

Look at my perfect body, it’s truly the body of an angel and perfect in every possible way. I’m 20 years old but trust me I know exactly how to treat losers like you.

As a loser you’ll soon get accustomed to being there simply to obey and do whatever I tell you to. Your life will be one of servitude to me because we both know I’d never have sex with you or even touch that tiny little prick you try to call a dick. Lets get real!

What I will do though is humiliate the hell out of you constantly, make you become addicted to me so you do nothing but pine away each day waiting for the moment you can contact me and whimper to see my gorgeous body tease and totally deny you. You think you can jerk it anytime you want? WRONG! I’ll be in control of your jerk off habits, orgasms and ever other aspect of your life including your wallet.

You Need a Humiliatrix in Your Life

Now quit sitting there twiddling your clit and get serving a truly naughty angel and humiliatrix like me!

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