Bring a Male Slave for Mistress

You heard me! Bring a male slave for mistress to own and use however I feel like! So I decided to tell you lowly pigs about one of my best friends and favorite goddesses; Mistress Amy from ImaFemdom.

Just get one fact straight from the beginning: She doesn’t mess around and certainly doesn’t play games. Amy is actually one of the online money mistresses and dominas that truly loves training, teasing and dominating submissive men.

Obviously you know, if you’ve been online long enough, that there are plenty of fake dommes who claim to be dominant but after a few minutes you can tell they are your typical submissive women. Well you don’t need to worry about that with her. She is never not dominant and believe me she gets off on it.

Want to Be a Male Slave for Mistress?

From what she’s told me, she always knew she was powerful and that men couldn’t resist her so from early on she began using it to her advantage and still does today.

Her interests are all over the place from cuckolding to cash draining and from knee high boots to hypnosis. So don’t you worry you little chubby, she can handle anything you bring to her.

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