Chastity Slave Training for Newbies

A chastity caption picture of a dominant mistress.

Giving up control of your penis and balls and being caged may seem like a daunting task but with chastity slave training it doesn’t have to be.

Most wannabe cage slaves find they can’t commit to packing their dicks away, locking it up and losing control but a dominant mistress can fix that with ease.

Chastity Slave Training

When mistress takes control you’ll find that it’s so much easier to feel that sexy cage slip over your dick. You’ll want to to give in. You can’t resist dominant sexy mistresses like us and our demands. In due time you will find yourself with a locked cock and that willingness to please your mistress increasing everyday.

Chasity slave training is all about ensuring you want the cage but also beg to stay chastised. The last thing a femdom wants is a slave that fights it every single day. With time you will find that, so long as it pleases mistress, you will want to stay locked away.

Keyholder flaunts keys during chastity slave training.

3 Tips for Newbies

It might seem scary now but taking small steps will cement your life as a chastity slave. Newbies get all freaked out thinking about not being able to beat off. That is why you need to start small and work your way up.

1.) Get used to masturbating without cumming.

Stroke but stop yourself before you lose control. Eventually you will start to get used to it and will love the powerful orgasms you experience after holding back. The longer you can resist blowing your load the better it will feel.

2.) Fantasize about losing control of your cock.

During your jerk off sessions, spend time fantasizing about giving up control of your hard cock to a dominant female. Imagine us having the keys to your cage, and in turn controlling your orgasms. This is all part of the chastity slave training process and trust me it works.

3.) Lock it up short-term

Get a chastity device but don’t go all crazy! Just lock it up short-term without a keyholder to test the waters. Start by wearing it around the house and then move on to longer periods of time. Run some errands while caged or see if you can handle wearing it at work all day long. You’ll always have the keys with you just in case. At least for the time being.

Now it’s time to move you past the wannabe stage and turn you into a full blown chastity slave, simply find your mistress and begin.

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  1. Please help me to become your chastity slave. I have always wanted this but I am afraid it will change my personality.

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