Ebony Facesitting Mistress to Sniff

Ebony Facesitting Mistress

Okay so you’re a little butt sniffer and need an ebony facesitting mistress to worship constantly.

Wow it must be your lucky frigging day then because I’m the girl of your dreams.

Not only can I twerk like crazy but my big booty will smother that little butt sniffing face of yours like no other. Oh don’t you worry either you submissive ass slave, I have the rack to match too.

That’s right big round natural breasts and a juicy fat booty to sniff, kiss, lick and get OWNED by.

Luckily for you a couple years ago I found out all about you nasty ass sniffers and booty fiends out there and decided it could be so much fun using my goodies against all of you.

You see the way my little pink panties tuck all up in my crack? Now picture your face there! Yeah, that’s right where you want to be isn’t it.

Ebony Facesitting Mistress of Your Dreams

So it works like this; you go out and work and when you get come you beg me to twerk…right on your face. HAHA!

Come get a facesitting and see why my ass is the only thing you’ll be dreaming of from here on out!

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