Mistresses That are Ruthless

Ruthless Mistresses

You crave mistresses that are ruthless but can you actually take the humiliation, abuse and cash draining they dish out?

Silly submissive, you should know by now that you don’t have any say in the matter. You are only there for being used, you know you could never please us like a real man can. In fact most of you don’t even come close to being real men.

The thing is we already know all of your twisted fantasies such as sniffing feet, wearing panties, sporting butt plugs, blackmail, brainwashing and wallet draining; just to name a few.

Lucky for you we know just how to exploit them to leave you weak and writhing for more of what we have. It’s us that hold all the power, you little weaklings.

Our beautiful bodies and superior minds are so lethal yet so pleasurable is what makes us so hard to escape. Mistresses like us demand obedience and true blue servitude, oh and how ironic it is because that’s exactly what your soul craves; is for one of us to enslave and rule over you.

Serve Superior Females

So why wait any longer? Your miniature bulge is already tightening up, maybe even your little hole is twitching in anticipation. But can you take it? Who cares!

You’re going to because once we get our powerful thighs wrapped around you there will be no turning back. Now come find and serve us superior mistresses like the goddesses we truly are…you little weaklings.

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