Foot Fetish Story Book Review

Foot Fetish Book Review

This is for all the foot fetish addicts out there! It’s a foot fetish story book review for The Foot Princess by K.D. Browne.

We hadn’t ever heard of her (him?) prior to this book so if anyone comes across more, please let us know in the comments section!  But anyway back to the review.

This is foot fetish book is around 70 pages of feet and high heel loving goodness. Unlike many erotic stories we’ve read this one actually stood out because it had an actual story line.

Far too many erotica authors think all we want is to read pure smut but in reality we want or even NEED the suspense and build up of a good story line which is exactly what K.D. Browne provided with this story.

Personally the lead up is the best part for me. I love wondering what will happen next and the author did a good job of doing that right up until the very end.

The main character Thomas is a professional guy with a secret lust for women’s feet. Unfortunately he has to keep it to himself due to a bad experience from a prior relationship. His life is now focused on bettering his career and making more money but when he finds himself in need of a new office secretary life gets all shook up by a gorgeous recent college graduate.

I’ll stop there because I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone but this is definitely a good read by a relatively new author from what we could find and hopefully we will see some more stuff coming soon. Check out the book for yourself on Amazon under The Foot Princess.

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